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Nepal Trekking post covid 19

Nepal is home to some of the world’s highest peaks in the world. In fact 8 of the 10 highest mountain are there in Nepal alone. Nepal is also the one of the oldest country. Nepal posses some of the most vibrant culture. For many trekkers Nepal is the ultimate trekking destination.

With the declining cases of Covid 19 this summer and up to the march 2021 , it is now perfect time to make a trekking plan to Nepal. Trekking post Covid 19 is the best way to enjoy the Nature at its beast. As the trekking route has emptied in the Covid Era these trekking destination has healed and flourishes to its true natural beauty.

Although the Corona virus has not emulated completely , the cases of Covid 19 has declined drastically to less than 1000 total cases in Nepal on the the month of march 2021 according to latest figure published by health ministry of Government of Nepal .

On top of that it is generally safe to trek to mountains as there are very thin population and the governments report shows no cases on the location such as Everest Base camp(EBC) Annapurna Base Camp(ABC), and many other destinations. With the government allowing the trekking activities in such areas, they have requested all the lodges and hotels to strictly follow the safety protocols.

Although these places are safe one should be careful and always following safety protocols to minimize the risk of spreading the Corona virus.

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