Nepal trekkking companies

Traveling in an unknown land sets a lot of risks and questions. Most of all there is a high chance of getting cheated and what’s even scarier is to be dumped in an estranged corner of a strange land. Thus, it is very important to know whom you are traveling with, as in if your agency is trustworthy. When you are traveling in Nepal, the best thing you can do is trekking. It is one of the greatest adventures in the mountains of Nepal, you don’t want to miss. But before you go on the long journey, you need to know which agency is going to be responsible for you. There are very few licensed trekking companies in Nepal. A trekking agency handles all the facilities that are needed for any aspect of travel and trekking.

There are plenty of companies willing to offer you their services and make your journey as pleasant as possible. For more information on each of these, you can visit them on their websites. They have all the information required about them, their services, payments, and facilities. Some of them may even have special offers and discounts depending on how many individuals you will be accompanied by and how long you intend to stay here. Thus, look out for such amazing offers if you are willing to. However, be careful that those offers are not a scam and that you get what you ask for.

Your stay in Nepal can be magnificent and pleasant if you have a very good agent with you. The thing about traveling is that there are always really good places to look around everywhere, the spell to making that experience even greater is to have wonderful services on the go while you enjoy those places. It is up to you, which services you pick and whom you decide to take the responsibilities for you, to make your stay pleasantly memorable. Thus, make a wise decision and enjoy your journey at its best.

There are around 500 trekking agencies in Nepal, including both small and large. The small companies support a single family whereas the large ones operate in cooperation with major overseas agents. However, it is suggested to take service from the reputed and licensed trekking company and not from the street brokers. What they normally do is subcontract out your trek to other licensed companies, taking a commission from them. This in return will result in inflated prices for your journey.

Things you should consider and do  before you pay any trekking company for your trekking adventure

Do some research about the trekking agency  on sites like TAAN and NMA and make sure the company is listed,

Inquire/ask about the insurance policy of the company for its staff and customers.

Ask/make sure that the trekking guides can communicate well in your language.

Make sure that all the guides, porters, and trekking agents have basic trekking training.

Make sure you have access to a good map of where you are trekking.

Make sure you register with your embassy or consulate in Nepal.

The most important thing is to use your common sense.

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